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Hello and Welcome

Hi, I'm Vernette -
Experienced, Senior Yoga Therapist/Teacher who also loves to dance! 
I'm a Yoga CPD Education Provider, NHS Support Therapist, Pilates, Fitness and Zumba Instructor, Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist and owner of Vernyoga. 
I am dedicated to helping you with your health and well-being.
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Vernette offers you high quality, joyful flow yoga, slower alignment-based hatha yoga, kundalini, yin yoga, pilates, chair yoga, pranayama, mindfulness and meditation, kirtan, pregnancy and baby yoga, Specialised Yoga Therapy for Long Covid / CFS, Perimenopause and Menopause, Fibromyalgia and back painZumba, fitness and personal training, nutritional advice, massage, reiki and other therapies. 
All through
online and in-person classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions and courses in Weybridge, Byfleet, Addlestone, Chertsey, Thorpe nr Egham and throughout Surrey. It's Vernette's aim to be able to offer diversity through yoga and other forms of movement, and make it accessible to all, no matter what your needs or preferences are - whether it's with physical active movement or a deeper connection through a more meditative, restorative or therapeutic approach, Vernette aspires to bring it all together for you. 

'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment' - Ralph Emerson

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Core Flow or Hatha Flow - Are Vernette's main styles of yoga.  A medium paced flow style class with a blend of active movements, longer holds for strength and balance, Pilates core work, neuro-fitness and nerve flossing / gliding exercises, all with the breath as the vital link throughout. Designed to offer a little challenge and empower you, whilst quietening the mind. Using an intelligently sequenced series of postures and movements for the body and brain that synchronise with the breath, making relaxation at the end blissful. The transitions are less linear, than some styles of yoga, making use of ever evolving alignment and anatomy knowledge, as a primary tool for optimal strength and safety within the flow-based practice, whilst still offering a class that is creative, informative, inclusive and playful with options and encouragement to always modify, adapt and improvise as and when needed. 

A core flow class tends to have a bit more dynamo in the flow as well as sometimes more of a core focus than the hatha flow classes. Both are medium pace. The Core flow is moderate/strong in its level and Hatha flow is moderate. Any class described as mellow or slow flow on the timetable are gentle/moderate.


A reasonable level of fitness or mobility is required for the hatha/core flow classes (i.e. to be able to get up and down off the floor fairly easily), as some are active as opposed to just slow stretching. Although if you want to slow down or do more of a floor based practice, then we have the mellow, yin, chair, classic hatha and fusion classes on the timetable as well.

In all classes there are choices and options given, based on how you feel on the day, so can feel empowered in your practice to be able to back off when needed and do more when you can.

Vernette brings together all styles of Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pilates, Biomechanics, Neurodynamics, fitness, Zumba and bodywork that she has trained in for the past 20 years and that has also brought her enjoyment personally as well as psychology trainings for a full round understanding of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Vernette is a menopause informed yoga and pilates instructor, so this life phase is very much supported within the practice as well as as catering for anyone with post viral fatigue and pain management and 1-2-1 sessions are also available and tailores to you

What makes a great teacher?  Two answers from my teachers

“A great yoga teacher embodies the qualities of humility, integrity, patience, knowledge and humour. They are on the path, working on themselves, so they can be a lighthouse for consciousness.”  Katy Appleton (

“A good yoga teacher is a practitioner not a performer. Always have the time to help, adjust or give instruction in breath work as well as asana and remembers to get off the mat. A great teacher needs the eye, the hand, and most importantly, the heart.”  Anne-Marie Newland (

"A good teacher remains a student" 

Yoga and Pilates in Addlestone
Yoga and Pilates in Chertsey

What is yoga? Where does it come from?

Yoga is an invaluable gift that our ancestors have given us. Yoga embodies unity of mind, body, breath; an holistic approach to health and well being. Click above to learn the history and origins of yoga. Check out the resources, articles and blog pages to find out how Yoga helped Vernette and how it can help you too!   

MEN! also check it out to find out why yoga is not just for women!

"Man is ill because he is never still."  Paracelsus 14th Century Physician

Current class prices:

Pay As You Go:

ZOOM YOGA: 60 -95 minute online live class: £10

ZOOM CIRCUITS: 60 minute £6.50 

ZOOM ZUMBA: 50 minute £4.50

IN-PERSON YOGA: 90 minute classes: £12

IN-PERSON ZUMBA: 50 minute classes: £6.50

Non-Consecutive Class Passes:  (T&Cs apply)

*ALL CLASS Pass - £48 for 6, £88 for 12

*ZOOM ZUMBA ONLY Pass - £24 for 6, £48 for 12

*ALL ZUMBA Pass - £36 for 6, £70 for 12

Can be paid and booked for on the website timetable

OR you can download the booking app if you're viewing this on your phone -  CLICK HERE

PLEASE DO NOT pay for classes until you have filled in the health questionnaire and received reply.


Places must be prebooked. Thank you.


last updated 12.8.22

Classes at a glance

MON - Yoga @Byfleet 9.30am,  Yoga Zoom 12.15pm, Yoga @Weybridge 7pm.
TUES - Yoga Zoom 7pm,
WED - Yoga @Thorpe & Zoom 9.30am. Chair Yoga 12pm & yin yoga 7pm, both Zoom.
THURS - Zumba Zoom 7pm .
FRI - Zumba @Thorpe 10.30am.
SAT - Yogalates online 12pm



Installment plans now available on class passes / subscriptions, through SPLITIT on checkout


BOOKING APP!!! For easier booking - You can search in the app store and download the 'Fit by Wix' app which hosts Vernyoga's classes and services. Or if you're viewing this on your phone, you can CLICK HERE


* Subscription Videos available here


Video Tutorials on:

*how to book a class

*how to cancel / reschedule a class

*check your credit in your vernyoga account

*Also online wellbeing workshops will be popping up on menopause, chronic fatigue, back pain and other topics/issues as requested.


'Grace, beauty, strength, energy and firmness adorn the body through yoga'  Yoga Sutras III, 47 - 400 CE

We at Vernyoga love it when companies or individuals help out or offer us support in some way and we love to pay it back. So, here's a shout out to Skate Station in Brookwood, Surrey for all your hockey and skating needs.

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