Important In-person Class Information




* * Please, do NOT DROP-IN, classes are by BOOKING ONLY so please enquire first and fill in ParQ form here- thank you :-)

If you missed a week or haven't been for a while, please check beforehand that the class you wish to attend is on in case you missed any announcements the week before.

DO NOT ATTEND with ANY illness, especially COVID symptoms. You will be refused participation if you turn up clearly ill.


Bring your own sanitiser, wipes, proper sticky yoga mat, chunky yoga brick, strap and blanket for relaxation

No hands on adjustments or close up guidance at this time from the instructor.

Clothing Bring extra layers in winter as some halls can be a bit chilly.

Wear, comfortable, moveable clothing, that's cool in summer and layer up in winter. Please wear decent clothing, that protects your modesty and respects others! (ie no loose short shorts and no see through cycling shorts!)

If you become pregnant

Please tell Vernette BEFORE attending class as it may not be wise to continue practice, especially in the first trimester. Classes are not designed with pregnancy in mind but can be modified if already have an established practice.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early
Entering classes late is disturbing to others. If you do arrive a few minutes late, please make sure that you enter as slowly and quietly as you can. Most venues, the doors will be locked at class start time so you wont get in if late.

Practice on an empty stomach
It is recommended that you do not eat a heavy meal at least three hours before practice. A light meal is okay 1-2 hours beforehand.

Mobile phones
Please help preserve the peace and be sure to turn off your mobile phone before entering the class so that its quiet and the bluetooth off as the class maybe streamed live and it interferes with the mic headset.

Although all classes are open, all abilities, a reasonable level of fitness or mobility is required for some of the classes as they are fairly active, flowing hatha / vinyasa yoga, including slow to medium paced flowing movements as well as some holding postures for strength, rather than meditative or gentle stretching - if looking for something gentler, more meditative, or slower, send Vernette a message for advice on which classes would be best.


'Wow, felt so energised after Yin and Kirtan on Wednesday!' K Shaw 1.5.15



All payments for class are to be paid more than 2 hours before class by bank transfer. If new, please DONT buy before you have contacted Vernette as the fitness form needs to be filled in first.


£12class pay as you go price

£46 for a block of 6 classes

£86 for 12 class block


£10 pay yoga go price

£46 for a block of 6 classes

£86 for 12 class block


£6 pay as you go

Or you can book on and pay instantly here


The class passes are valid for 3-4 MONTHS (depending on package bought) and expire if you haven't been for 2 months since last attendance, so be sure to use them up a keep a consistent practice!

They are non consecutive so will be  carried it over, (say if on holiday), you wont loose those classes BUT if you have booked in for a class and cancel less than 2 hours prior to class that you wont be coming, then a credit will be deducted from your pass. They are non refundable once purchased as this is your commitment to attend, if unsure whether you can make a commitment for 6 or 12 sessions, then you are best paying as you go.

Please see full T&C's for details


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