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CoreFlow Yoga on Zoom

Earth your foundations, Ignite your core and flow into shapes. Wed 9.30am

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 10 British pounds
  • Online via Zoom


Wednesday 9.30am Zoomed live from class at Thorpe Village Hall. Blended Hatha / Core Strength Vinyasa / SunPower Yoga Suitable for those with a little flow yoga experience (4-6weeks+), strong beginners that are reasonably fit / mobile or those that like a mix of floor mobility work and then stronger standing flows Class pace changes due to collective ability of all those attending but generally a medium-dynamic pace / hatha flow class concentrating on building inner heat, core strength and flexibility. Includes breathwork, floorwork, flowing standing sequences, balances, sitting postures, laying postures and relaxation. May not be suitable for those with some health issues - enquire if unsure as I will be able to offer more advice following the health form submission. What is hatha? Hatha refers to ALL physical yoga, all yoga that involves moving the body. However whenever you see a class listed as hatha, it is usually describing a class of static individual stretches and breath exercises, often accompanied with Sun Salutations, meditation and relaxation. Hatha allows more time for stretching to release tightness or tension. ...and Core Strength or Core Flow? Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga transitions yoga poses from the ground up via the deep core line / deep front line of the body; the interconnecting lines of muscle that make up our innermost support system as described and taught by Anatomy experts such as Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains) and Leslie Kaminoff (Yoga Anatomy), not just our '6 pack' that we often refer to as the 'core'. Because of its multi-level actions, and focus on constant core connection, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most effective yoga practices for sparking major changes both inside and out. When you go deeper, you balance stability with mobility, strength with freedom, all your yoga benefits will increase. BOOKING: If first time attending - Please fill in online fitness form (all boxes need filling before it will submit and green tick will appear when it has successfully sent) and wait for response to book in. Sometimes this is zoomed from home and not from the hall and then it is 10am but notification will always be given.

Cancellation Notice

Cancellation Notice / Reschedule is up to 2 hours before class on the system. After that, you will be charged. Please cancel on the website by logging in/registering (menu top right above vernette banner) and going to 'my bookings' to cancel or reschedule the class you're booked for.

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