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Yoga, Pilates and Zumba Fitness Classes in Weybridge, Byfleet, Addlestone, Chertsey, Virginia Water and Egham in Surrey


'What style of yoga is it that you do?'


The Vernyoga recipe for health and well-being brings together all of the styles of yoga, meditation, anatomy, biomechanics and bodywork that Vernette has trained in, from classical to contemporary teachings for a flowing style with a strong, anatomical focus with the newest of bodywork knowledge, so that students can get more results in less time from every class that they take, working from deep inside the body with solid foundations and core activation rather than externally placed postures on the body. It's creative, informative, fun and accessible to everyone.

Along side yoga, which is Venette's main passion, there is also has Pilates, Barre, Fitness and Zumba Classes on offer. Basically if you like to move, then there is hopefully something to your taste on here!


Although all classes are open, all abilities, a reasonable level of fitness or mobility is required for some of the classes as they are fairly active, flowing hatha / vinyasa yoga, including slow to medium paced flowing movements as well as some holding postures for strength, rather than meditative or gentle stretching - if looking for something gentler, more meditative, or slower, maybe the Wednesday Yin Yoga (all floor based with the use of cushions and pillows), Chair Yoga or the Saturday Fusion class may be better options for you. If looking more for a philosophical / spiritual aspect - I would recommend Wednesday Pick n Mix - Kundalini or Kirtan Sound Meditation classes when they return to an in-person setting.


All classes including the Tuesday circuit class and Zumba are for people in good health, (even if you consider yourself unfit!), so if you have injuries or any health issues that you think the instructor may need to know prior to session, please contact Vernette and if concerned, please consult you GP before undertaking any exercise programme as these may not be suitable.


Thursday evenings 7.30pm class in Lyne is where most beginners start if looking for an evening flow class, but please do be aware that it still has flowing sequences such as sun salutes, but you can just build them up in your own time as the body opens up. Wednesday evening Pick N Mix Class is mostly floor based, (except for the 3rd week when we sometimes work on the fundamentals of yoga and fine tune alignment of poses) and suitable for rehab and flexibility. This class offers something different each week like workshops.

TO BOOK:  To start the booking process - A fitness form (here) is required first, so that the instructor can advise on which class would be most appropriate and then will book you in.


Please see the timetable for full class times as well as a little detail on each and the prices page for prices of classes, private sessions and therapies.

L1 / Level 1 (Slow Flow Pace - Beginners / have injuries / illnesses / need or prefer a slower practice for rehab /  restorative class). Anyone can come to these classes
L2 / Level 2 (Medium Active Pace - Fairly fit / mobile beginner with no major injuries or illnesses / those with some dynamic yoga experience or do other exercise)
L3 / Level 3 (Medium Energetic Pace - intermediate+ / have done vinyasa flow / dynamic hatha yoga regularly for 2+ months)

'Wow, felt so energised after Yin and Kirtan on Wednesday!' K Shaw 1.5.15

The Vernyoga class inspirations and training styles:

  • Dynamic Hatha (Sunpower Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga) and Vinyasa (appleyoga, Shiva Rea) for strength, heat, flexibility, flow, spontaneous movement and stamina

  • CSV (Core Strength Vinyasa) for work on the inner body and deep core muscle meridian lines through functional anatomy for safety of our structure in practice

  • Sivananda  Yoga for mind, breath and spirituality

  • Kundalini  /  Laya  / Satyananda Yoga for joint and spine lubrication, core strength, detox, de-stress and energise, empowerment and spirituality.

  • Yin yoga to surrender meditatively into deep connective tissues - fascia, ligaments, tendons and muscle and to soothe the nervous system.

  • Nada Yoga - yoga of sound and Mantra Yoga - yoga of words. For deep healing, spirituality, de-stress and

  • Bhakti Yoga - yoga of devotion and Karma Yoga - yoga of action

  • Pilates - traditional matwork series and modern styles to balance mobility with stability

  • Fitness Classes - HIIT, Circuit, bootcamp, Zumba for those that prefer a more, heart pumping, music beating form of exercise.


Class Etiquette

Arrive 5-10 minutes early
Entering classes late is disturbing to others. If you do arrive a few minutes late, please make sure that you enter as slowly and quietly as you can. Most venues, the doors will be locked at class start time. No admission after 5 minutes late.

Practice on a fairly empty stomach
It is recommended that you do not eat a heavy meal at least three hours before practice. A light meal is okay 1-2 hours beforehand.
If a special condition prevents this, eat easily digested foods, i.e. fruit or yogurt, one hour before class.

Mobile phones
Please help preserve the peace and be sure to turn off your mobile phone before entering the class and NO vibrate is not is not silent, please do not have your phone on vibrate!!



6 / 12 sessions payments can be paid by BACS in advance of class. Valid at all classes. If new, please DONT buy before you have contacted Vernette as the fitness form needs to be filled in first



The class pass is kept open for 2 MONTHS after last attendance, after then, it will be void.

I still require you to put your name down each week for class attendance even if on a class pass. They are non consecutive so I'll carry it over, (say if on holiday), you wont loose those classes BUT if you have booked in for a class and haven't let me know that you cant make it at least 3 hours prior to class that you wont be coming, then I will deduct that class from your pass as it means someone else could've had your space. They are non refundable once purchased as this is your commitment to attend, if unsure whether you can make a commitment for 6 or 12 sessions, then you are best paying as you go.

Please see full T&C's for details

For timetable, click here


4.9.14 Anna Harrison – 'Brilliant yoga sessions with Vernette. I would highly recommend her mix of styles & teaching methods'.


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