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Yoga Bears

Yoga and Dance for Children

Yoga Class


Kids often have this image in their mind (as do adults) that yogis quietly sitting cross-legged with hands in a gesture (mudra), eyes shut, and humming. Yoga can definitely have moments that look like that when we are focusing on breathwork, but yoga is also active, flowing and engaging while effectively introducing yoga and mindfulness to children, so they will have the skills and benefits hopefully for life.

We have yoga games, challenges, themes, props and stories and breath awareness to calm if feeling anxious, nervous or upset.

Here is a brief outline of the benefits that yoga can brings to children:

  • Maintains agility, flexibility and Strength

  • Balance & co-ordination

  • Calming through breathwork to help reduce stress, anxiety and upset

  • Mental focus and learning 

  • Boosts mood




I also offer Zumba-style kids dance for pre-school and primary children, which is super fun.


  • Gets them into music and fitness

  • Improves co-ordination

  • Burns off some excess energy

  • Boost happy feelings!


Enquire about adding a yoga class to your nursery or primary school or private sessions for your children at home



Trained with Sara Weis (Gogo Yoga) and Jessica Flemming (Yoga Babes), full DBS & insurance


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