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Private 1-1 Pilates
& Personal Fitness Training

Pilates, Personal Training, Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Pilates Personal Tuition

It is important to learn the basics of Pilates before doing an intermediate or advanced work as the fundamentals are what makes Pilates effective and safe when done in the correct order and progression. Without that, it may aggravate any existing back discomfort. I've had many people come to me saying that Pilates hurt they're back in the past but when asked what exercises were they doing or what sequence, they were often ones that would be contraindicated for back issues or that are in the advanced set and they had skipped the beginners course or modification. So Pilates is again a fantastic exercise but always wise to build the practice up and not skip ahead. Private sessions are often best way to learn the fundamentals and then join a class. More on Pilates benefits here

Personal Fitness Training

As well as personal yoga tuition and therapy, other personal training modaities are offered too, depending on your requirements.

With several years experience in:-

Core Stability (yoga, pilates and barre based balance, flow and holding exercises)

Weight Training (free weights, resistance bands, Circuits, Bootcamps, LBT and own body resistance programmes)

Cardio (HIIT, Zumba, running, skipping, cycling, dancing, boxing, kicking, aerobics....).


All of these can be offered to you as personal one to one sessions. A consultation is a good idea to start off to discuss what your health and fitness goals are and then maybe one of the above or a combination.

A consultation can be via zoom, phone, or you can fill in the online health form under the home button and we can emaiolnif easier.





Private sessions are booked and paid in advance. Either one session booked at least a week in advance or by buying a block. Sessions must be cancelled within 24hours, otherwise payment is non refundable as someone else could've had the slot. 


You are expected to provide all correct details about your health via the health form prior to attendance and YOU are responsible for your own health and well being. All above Terms and Condition on liability apply.

Gift vouchers are non refundable or transferable and are valid for 6months from time of purchase.


If paying for 5 block booked sessions, they are valid for 2months from date of payment, if 10 sessions, valid for 4months.

You are expected to provide all correct details about your health via the health form prior to attendance for classes or private sessions and YOU are responsible for your own health and level of practice at all times.

Block booked private sessions have time limit of use, see full T&Cs.


Private Sessions

1-2 people - Yoga Tuition / Yoga Therapy / Pilates / Personal training / Zumba in your home, 95minutes £75.00

(first session can include consultation but will incur a shorter practice time). ! hour in person £60

Private Live Zoom  95minutes £60, live on Zoom £35


3-8 people £120 for 95minute session 

1-2 people: Block of 5 (1.5hr) Private Yoga    £335

(2month validity)

1-2 people: Block of 10 (1.5hr) Private Yoga    £670.00

(4month validity)

4-8 people: Block of 10 (1.5hr) Private Sessions     £680

(4month validity)


Other Private Sessions Offered 

Relaxation Tuition 1hr    £55.00 - £35 live via zoom

Breath Therapy Tuition 1hr    £55.00 - £35 live via Zoom

Yoga Facial Workout Tuition 1hr    £55.00 - £35 live via Zoom

Nutrition support / Life Coaching 1hr    £55.00 - £35 live via Zoom


Yoga and Pilates in Egham
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