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Articles for further study (opens as PDF)



A History of Yoga by Vernette


Why do Yoga and is it for men? by Vernette


Chakras: energy centers in the body by Vernette


Ayurveda: the sister system to yoga by Vernette


Further articles by Vernette can be found on the Blog Page


Published articles by Vernette



Below are articles I have seen over the years that I've personally found very interesting about holistic therapies and yoga, no copyright infringement is intended on any of these articles and where source and writer is known, it is included.


Turning Upside Down by Pam Werner - the benefits of inversions


Happy Feet - Exercises for happy feet - unknown author


Hippocrates - a little info and quotes from the Father of Medicine in regards to Therapies and Medicine.


REIKI - An article and interview about Science Measuring the Human Energy Field


YOGA Helps with Back Pain - Yahoo lifestyle 2009


Yoga Tested As Back Pain Therapy - BBC News Website - June 2007


Breast Cancer Patients Benefit From Yoga - Unknown Article source & Daily Mail 2006


Yoga For Weightloss - unknown source and date


Safe Yoga Practise Tips


Crouse Hospital offers stress treatment - Reiki Therapy - March 2010


A single massage can boost the immune system - Sept 2010


YOGA - Possible Treatment for Depression - 2007


Airplane Yoga - Nov 2010


Meditation for Depression - date unknown


Reiki offers relief to Alzheimers patients - Sept 2010


Massage reduces chronic tension headaches - July 2010


Natural Pain Management Techniques - May 2010


Yoga in Weybridge
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