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Yoga for Sports & Athletes

Yoga for sports and athletes in Weybridge, Chertsey and surrounding areas in Surrey

Yoga in Chertsey and Weybridge

Yoga and sport are never really mentioned in the same sentence, sport is competitive and yoga the opposite by nature.



Yoga is wonderful at complementing other training and practices as well as being a complete practice in its own right.


If you think yoga is just for gentle relaxation, think again. More and more athletes and sports performers from different disciplines are learning that performance can be improved by adding yoga to their training.

Runners can loosen up tight muscles and reduce stiffness in the hips, knees and ankles.


Rowers can improve their reach and reduce shoulder fatigue and build added upper body strength and stamina. Tennis players can help and avoid tendonitis and tennis elbow, stiffness in shoulders as well as helping ankles, knees and ankles. Golfers can improve their swing. Cyclists and runners can help the flexibilty of the their legs, especially hamstrings and help prevent Achilles Tendonitis.


In fact, most of the above can be said for ANY sport as flexibility is improved, balance and co-ordination.

Here is a brief outline of the benefits that yoga can bring to your sports training:


  • Agility

  • Balance

  • Co-ordination

  • Flexibility

  • Increase energy through breath control

  • Mental focus

  • Posture

  • Reach (especially for rowers)

  • Rotation (for canoeists and golfers)

  • Reduces stress

  • Reduce repetitive strain

  • Strength and stamina 


Enquire about joining a suitable class, see class timetable or visit the private session page for more information


Private sessions and therapies must be cancelled within 24hours, otherwise full fee is payable


You are expected to provide all correct details about your health via the health form prior to attendance for classes or private sessions and YOU are responsible for your own health and level of practice at all times.

Block booked private sessions have time limit of use, see full T&Cs.


Private Sessions

1-2 people - Yoga Tuition / Yoga Therapy / Pilates / Personal training in your home, 95minutes £75.00

(first session can include consultation but will incur a shorter practice time).

Private Live Zoom  95minutes £35


Other Private Sessions Offered 

Relaxation Tuition 1hr    £60.00 - £30 live via zoom

Breath Therapy Tuition 1hr    £60.00 - £30 live via Zoom

Yoga Facial Workout Tuition 1hr    £60.00 - £30 live via Zoom

Nutrition support / Life Coaching 1hr    £60.00 - £30 live via Zoom


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