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Reviews are from - LinkedIn, Facebook, Freeindex, TouchLocal, email and Text.



I'm happily recommending Miss Butler as a counsellor as she felt like a friend who understood me as well as being professional in regards to my problems, being there to counsel me online, over the phone and in person. 4.3 out of 5

Louise E -



Very friendly personal yoga trainer. Sessions explained very well and unrushed. Very relaxing and invigorating. 5.0. out of 5.0

Susie Johnston -



Vernette is a wonderful considerate and caring person, her knowledge and teaching skills are exceptional. She is both professional and qualified and I have no hesitation in recommending her. 4.7 out of 5

Jan Bannister  -



Vernette is also a great yoga teacher!!! 4.5 out of 5

Louise E.  -



Jan Bannister via Facebook wrote for 1-2-1 sessions:

Vernette is a brilliant teacher and a really lovely person too. She knows her stuff and makes you feel very comfortable no matter what your ability or size. She will soon have you doing all sorts of stuff you never thought you could, give her a call and give your body and mind a treat.



Yvonne Jones via Facebook wrote  for 1-2-1 sessions:

Vernette is not only a great yoga teacher she provides a large array of other therapies too. I'd recommend the indian head massage to anyone....blissful



M. Vieyra (1-2-1 yoga and massage) - Emails

I had a wonderful night's sleep, the best I have had in a long while.  There are no aches and pains and my body feels less tense and tight.....
I feel as though my batteries are fully charged.  I'm not feeling absolutely exhausted, as I had been all week.
The programme we did was obviously just what I needed, followed by the head massage.
Well I have to say that today I can certainly feel the "benefits" of yesterday.  I slept like a log but when I moved there was a reminder that I had exercised the night before. There is no pain anywhere, just an awareness of having exercised my muscles.



Vernette is a lovely, friendly and warm teacher who's instructions are easy to follow and unrushed. She shows modifications if you cant do something and constantly puts you at ease with all that you learn and is encouraging. I'm more flexible and relaxed than I have ever been. Highly recommended. 5.0. out of 5.0

Debbie L. - Touchlocal Review



Ms Butler's yoga sessions have always been thorough and professional, but she still somehow manages to make it a friendly and enjoyable experience. Highly recommended. 5.0. out of 5.0

Beth Cook - Freeindex Review



This is the first time I've experienced a yoga class and it was more difficult than I had expected. As I was a beginner, she encouraged me to continue with yoga exercises with my other sporting pursuits. Vernette was aware of my needs and was very helpful. She was full of enthusiasm and knew her stuff. It was obvious from the beginning that Vernette was well versed in her art of yoga. 5.0 out of 5

Rowan Thainuruk  - Freeindex review



Allegra Francesca Giagu via Facebook wrote for classes:

I am a professional fitness instructor and Opera singer, and have recently begun a course in Yoga as a part of postural development and alignment. I have worked with and experienced Vernette's teaching and have found her to be a profoundly inspiring woman, and a challenging and attentive instructor. Her greatest gift is her wonderful soul, which shines though in all that she does. I hope you will all have the opportunity at some point to experience and support her exceptional work.



Kim Kellas via Facebook wrote for classes:

What a superb yoga teacher Vernette is. There are yoga teachers who can show you moves, who can quote in Sanskrit, who can make you feel good. Vernette does that rare thing - she teaches with passion, bringing her understanding of how yoga transformed her body and her life to every move in every class, and inspiring people to transform their lives. Occassionally she uses Sanskrit, but you can by and large ignore that.



Vernette is an exceptional teacher. Warm, friendly and encouraging. I have been having 1-2-1 sessions for four months and attend her classes. You're only ever expected to do what you can do. She offers physical support if you need it like I do with my back and the relaxation is always well deserved and is heavenly. Thank you Vernette. 4.7 out of 5

Sara Gatton  - Freeindex Review



Vernette is very professional and is a great inspiration, she really helps you get the best out of your level of fitness (& flexibility!) and I saw improvements in areas such as my posture within weeks. 4.7 out of 5.0

S Plowright - 5 Aug 2009 - Freeindex review



Vernette Butler is an exceptional teacher who manages to equally encourage and help everyone from beginners to experienced yoga practitioners. She has inspired me to regularly attend yoga class and to generally get fit. She really does make yoga accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. 4.3 out of 5.0
Alison Colley  - Freeindex Review



Lovely trainer! Great advice and listens to every word. I would definitely recommend to anyone into or thinking about starting up yoga! 5.0. out of 5.0

Harry Mugford - Freeindex review


Vernette is a fantastic yoga teacher. She's fun and light hearted, whilst being professional. She's attentive to every move you do without it being obvious and uncomfortable. Vernette makes yoga accessible to everyone, no matter of your size or age and she explains what the moves are doing for you. Vernette feels like a friend as well as a teacher. I'm definitely a fan! Janet. 5.0. out of 5.0

Janet C. - Freeindex review


Think I might end up a yoga convert! Well done to a great teacher.
M. Atkins - comment on Facebook



Great class, always leave feeling good, relaxed and more importantly more flexible.
J. McDonald. Attends Monday evening class.



“I am pleased to say that Vernette has been helping me with a physical problem using different Yoga exercises and she is a delightful but firm person to be treated by. many thanks Vernette
June Lawrance”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
hired Vernette as a Personal Trainer in 2010 - Linkedin Review



“Vernette is a lovely person who teaches Yoga not only in groups but on a personal level too. She is kind and thoughtful and has an expansive knowledge of her therapies. Always a pleasure to work with her and be instructed by her.” November 25, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

June Lawrance,
hired Vernette as a Yoga therapist in 2010 - Linkedin Review



I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed myself during the yoga sessions I had the last 2 Saturdays. Hopefully my hamstrings will improve over the next few months!!
L. Chen, Curves class



I had heard about Reiki from a number of friends with middling to good reviews and I have to say I was a little skeptical as I met Vernette for the first time I neednt have worried She put me at ease straight away with her wonderfully calm manner and I knew I was in safe hands The feeling of relaxation far exceded my expectations and Im already looking forward to my next visit I highly recommend Vernette for top quality value.5.0. out of 5.0
Chris Elston - Hypnotherapist - Freeindex review



Vernette's classes are fun and sociable. She gives clear instructions and are tailored to encourage people of all abilities to have a go and further. No-one else could get me to have my legs over my head!
She is approachable, confident and all with humour.
Also had a few reiki sessions with her, which were surprisingly helpful with pain in my back and very relaxing. Would recommend her yoga and reiki to anyone. 5.0. out of 5.0
Karen Ward  -  Freeindex review



I've been doing Vernette's Yoga classes for a little while now and also had Reiki with her.
Vernette is amazing at what she does - her confidence and knowledge are outstanding and she puts you at ease with everything no matter what your ability and my body feels so much looser already.
Reiki was beautiful, I felt so relaxed and dreamy.
After doing Vernette's classes, I have the best nights sleep. 5.0. out of 5.0
Angela Forrest -Freeindex review



Thank you. I felt good about it too and slept very well on Tuesday night waking up to a real feeling of well being.
S. Sumner (yoga 1-2-1) - Email



Thanks for the  Reiki and the massage, you worked your magic as my back hasn't once today!
K Ward (Reiki and back massage) - Email



I had one of the most wonderful Reiki sessions this afternoon Thank you Vernette you were AWESOME xxx
Chris Elston via Facebook



I really enjoyed the class, I usually get lost on the breathing but you kept me going, I'm inspired.  
L.Head  (Weybridge yoga class) - Email



I enjoyed my 1-2-1's so much and got so much benefit, I will continue with classes from now on.
S. Sumner



Good luck with your new class, your others certainly appear to be well attended and you have a good and loyal following. 
S. Melling



Great yoga class!! thanks a lot, I will definitley be back once my foot is fully healed.
David (Thursday evening Weybridge class) - Email



Thank you again for such a relaxing session today!
s. Randall on reiki/massage



I wont be missing yoga this week as I've missed the last three and I'm feeling the lack of attendance!!
L.Chen (Curves Yoga, Saturday) - Email



I hope to be back at yoga soon as missing it terribly but have to wait for everything to feel better before I return.
J.Macdonald (Monday evening yoga) - Email


You are such a knowledgeable teacher I hope your pupils in your new class enjoy yoga as much as your pupils in other classes.

R. Hay (Top Golf Yoga) - Email


Thank you for the Reiki, I feel so much better! Much more energy :)
J Rendall (reiki and massage 1-2-1)- Email



Hi Vernette,

I just wanted to say it was a great class last night and all of us really enjoyed it. My friend said she's been to a few over the years, but you were far the best!

Everyone slept really well!!

L. Simpson (Thursday yoga class, May 2011) - Email



Sorry I've not been to yoga for a while, hopefully the message has been passed on that I'm really missing it and cant wait to be back.
D. Barton (Curves yoga class) - Email



Would have liked to have said a more personal goodbye. I wish u well V and thank u for making Yoga classes so v special. Ur a wonderful person and deserve a wonderful life xXxXx
G. Heller (Top Golf Yoga) - EMail



Faye Vines via Facebook wrote (on LBT class)

Great class yet again so thanks for that! My thighs were literally on fire! I felt them burn for sure! Will know about it later and all weekend for sure! No pain no gain! Best class ever! If you want highly toned legs butt and tummy!! ;0) x


Marilyn Atkins via Facebook wrote (on LBT class)

My butt cheeks ache. Good sign. X



Fiona Stark via Facebook wrote (on Wednesdays yoga class)

I love it!!!!!! see you next weekxxxxxx



Fiona Stark via Facebook wrote for Thai Yoga Massage:

It was fantastic! I can walk again now!!



Faye Vines via Facebook wrote (on LBT class)

Was awesome (as always!) will be there every Friday for sure!! Toned Legs, bum & tum - who doesn't want that?! Thanks again Hun. Loved it x



Krissy Hawkes - (another fellow yoga teacher and all round lovely lady). via Twitter wrote

Oh, just met the most fabulous lady today! She is wonderful & if you need a therapist, life coach, yoga teacher she's your lady!

Check her out!



“Is a wonderful motivating Yoga instructor. I look forward to a Reiki session with Vernette later this week.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

 June Lawrance,

hired Vernette as a Yoga and Holistic Therapist in 2011, and hired Vernette more than once. Linkedin Review



“Vernette is full of enthusiasm for yoga and her classes. She encourages everyone at all levels to go at their own pace, yet gently pushes them to work harder. Her classes are relaxed and enjoyable, but she remains professional and attentive to each individual's needs.”

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Alison Colley,
hired Vernette as a Yoga instructor in 2009. Linkedin Review



“Vernette worked with me on a 1:1 basis in my home over the course of a few months. She was very patient and knowledgeable and gave me all the encouragement I needed to realise my full potential. The results that we achieved were tremendous - I was more relaxed, toned and able to use her techniques when I felt myself becoming stressed. Her holistic approach was extraordinary.
I would highly recommend Vernette as an excellent coach.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Maureen Vieyra,

hired Vernette as a Yoga Teacher in 2009, and hired Vernette more than once. Linkedin Review



“Vernette is a very experienced yoga teacher who has devised suitable yoga routines for my specific needs.”

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

 Yvonne Jones,
hired Vernette as a Personal Trainer in 2007, and hired Vernette more than once. Linkedin Review


Dec 2011

Dear Vernette, thank you very much for your relaxing and enjoyable classes. Merry Christmas. (Xmas card)
Val. Attends Monday evening class


Dec 2011

I have really enjoyed all my yoga lessons with you and look froward to the same in 2012 (Xmas card)
Barbara. Attends Thursday morning class



Clearly an expert in what she does and very professional.
S. Kempsell, owner of Curves, Chertsey (Saturday class)



Tracie Hawkes via Facebook wrote:
June, her massage was sooo nice, she's a good girl to me!



M. Renda via Facebook wrote for 1-2-1 session:

Thank you Vernette, such an inspirational teacher x



One of the added benefits - apart form having a loose limbed walk - was some much better sleep patterns for a couple of nights afterwards....absolutley divine.
S. Randall on having a Thai massage - Text



Hey, I've been doing your sun salutation videos on youtube as I missed the class and its saved my back after a very stressful week, looking forward to Thursday night already.
Hayley on Thursday evening class / Pure Gym - Text



I'm afraid I'll be away for the next few morning classes, is there any other classes I could attend that is suitable for my level of yoga if I have to miss the morning one again, I've been practicing at home and am beginning to get some real benefit so would hate to go backwards by missing actual lessons.
Craig on Wednesday morning class. Email



Thanks for a great 1-2-1. Breathing is key.
V. Austen (1-2-1 yoga) via text



Without a doubt, you are a fabulous, knowledgeable, uplifting teacher. many thanks.
D. Andrews via text. Attends Thursday morning class



Awesome as always!
C. Pompei via Facebook on Thursday evening class



Thanks for a great class Vernette - I'm going to sleep well tonight! :-)
V. Austen via Facebook on Thursday evening class



Have enjoyed all my yoga classes with you and look forward to more in 2013
B. Grace (xmas card)



Thanks for a great year of yoga and humour!
W. Giardinia (xmas card)



Thank you for having me in class.  You are a generous sincere teacher and it was a pleasure to be there.  I love going to other teacher’s classes especially when they know what they are talking about.  There’s always something to learn and it’s good to remember the student within ourselves.  I like trading places, as it were.  I could also feel that your students are very grateful to have you and are dedicated in their own practices.  That’s nice to see and feel.
T. Hennigs (fellow yoga teacher)



Dear Vern, A little thank you, without your wonderful yoga practice, I wouldnt have gotten through 3 marathons in 4 weeks. Very much appreciated, Love
F. Butt (card)



I'm so relaxed after your massage!!! I hope this feeling will stay with me for a few days. Thank you Vernette :-)
M. Klita (full body massage) FAcebook



Yoga has really helped my anxiety and I am much calmer now!! I recommend it to everyone x
C. Mitchell ~(class attendee 4years) Facebook



Just what i needed after two weeks away!! lovely
J.Stoate (after class) Facebook



Fab class!
H.Whale (after trance dance yoga taster) Facebook



I've been having a tough time lately and the yoga is keeping me sane and balanced and giving me belief in my decisions when i feel like I'm going crazy! So much more than a physical workout. I love your classes. Thank you xxx
C. Smith (email)



Hi, I just wanted to say that although I have moved away I have really enjoyed coming to your classes and will definitely recommend to friends. Thank You.
D Griffiths (email)



Tuesdays class just feels so relaxed and friendly. Everyone can definitely be themselves and let go. I love it:-)
C.Smith (Facebook)



Hi Vernette, thank you for last nights yoga. I feel a million dollars today and an awful lot chirpier which is good. Best Wishes.
I.Kirkpatrick (Facebook) after Mondays class



I just wanted to say thank you so much for the classes - it's truly is one of my favourite parts of my week. I have a really hectic job and LOVE my Thursday evenings. You are really patient, give really clear instruction and make it accessible to all. I'm so glad that I found your class. THANK YOU!
I teach and I know the value of true commitment and dedication to what you do. To inspire is exhausting and it appears that you do it easily.. That's what makes a great teacher...and you special and that's reflected in your busy classes. x
D.Bachmann (email)



Thanks for another great year of fun, yoga and friendship. W. Giardina. xmas card



Thank you for another great year of yoga. We love it! we really appreciate the dedication and effort you put into your teaching. Janet and Lindsay. xmas card



It's not until you miss a Vernette master class that you realise what you are really missing. Hit the spot as usual. Clare C



I learnt so much today, including that I have so much to learn! An incredibly enlightening session, thank you. A great birthday treat! L Chapman



I cannot rate Vernette enough. Her classes are fun, challenging and relaxing. Her style of teaching is awesome and always encouraging. She understands when you cant do everything and shows modifications. I would never have believed I could do what I can now if someone had said so a year ago. I also look, feel, stand better and sleep better!
If you ever get the chance to do yoga with Vernette, do so!! I've also had the pleasure of having reiki with Vernette too which again, was just lovely. Thank You Vernette.
Caroline Taylor - Freeindex review



Michelle Brace via Facebook

Every once in a while you come across a great teacher, skilled and passionate in their chosen field. They nurture and help their students to discover and express there own individuality and expression whilst gently guiding them. Vernette is one of those truly gifted teachers - if your looking for a friendly, warm and inviting class then I can't recommend Vernette highly enough x



fantastic class vernette, thank you very much! I recommended kundalini if you are feeling stressed, tired or a bit low, as I always come out feeling strong and full of positive energy :-) Rosie Brookes



really loved my first kundalini class tonight - felt a little overwhelmed with all the emotions it stirred but all felt good. Thanks Vernette. M Brace



Thanks so much, you're amazing at what you do, was just what I needed. D.Green - Indian head massage with oils



thanks for a great 1-2-1 session vernette! looking forward to class next week :-) Linda Brookes



Vernette can only be described as a modern master of yoga. your ability to make me feel at ease as a beginner in a class (that looked as though most had been with you for sometime) was amazing. you helped me, made it ok for me to laugh at myself and I could feel the benefits immediately. A Papadakis



thank you Vernette for another lovely class - felt much more comfortable doing this second time round. M Brace - yin class



I was really looking forward to kundalini tonight and I wasn't disappointed - was lovely. M Brace



thanks for a great class tonight and for looking after my back. it really released it and gave me loads of energy. I was buzzing. Carly Smith - kundalini



thank you for the class last night, my abs are a little tender today buts that's good! L Napaul. - kundalini



really enjoyed last nights class, was nice and quiet, not too hot and there was a nice ambience in the room. L Anderton. Thurs evening class



 love your classes, always cheer me up and make me smile. Jackie Morley



loved my first experience of kundalini and feeling good today! S. Turner



you seem to have this 6th senses as to how everyone is feeling and what they need from their practice. A Papadakis - Thursday morning class



You are a saviour darling, Thank you so much for a beautiful practice. R.Andrews



Anna Harrison – 5 starBrilliant yoga sessions with Vernette. I would highly recommend her mix of styles & teaching methods.

4 September 2014




Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful yoga classes. You are a fantastic teacher and I always come away from class feeling positive, stretched and relaxed. I will miss your classes but I hope to return again next year once little one is born.
Clare G - Thank you card



·  Anthoula Papadakis: Brilliant class. Feeling stretched warmed and uplifted! Vernette Butler you are the best! Can't wait for the order to come through so that Rory Andrews and I can be wearing one of your fab Vernyoga T- shirts! xxx

Rory Andrews Great practice. Felt really energized afterwards.



Vernette is a very special teacher I have had Crohns disease for years have had numerous operations and she has taught me so much about myself as to what I can do and not what I can't? As a teacher she is inspiring a joy to learn from every class is different that's what keeps your attention.
Also Vernette has no idea how she has changed my life since going to her classes. Yoga with Vernette is a wonderful experience first class teacher.
Jan Lee- Freeindex review



fantastic class tonight. thank you! Feeling strong, confident and relaxed, just what I needed. Rosie Brookes



What a pleasurable experience to be taught by the fab vernette butler! A Papadakis



Just to let you know that I have felt quite blissed out today. Not sure if it was the kundalini or the chanting too :-)  J. Boast



Happy Birthday Yogi! Just wanted to say thank you for being pur fantastic, inventive and totally dedicated yoga teacher, you make such a difference in our lives! Namaste J. Lloyd and L.Mair



wow, what can I say, yet again you introduce me to something new (Kirtan) and I am hooked, feel so chilled out and relaxed, you have a beautiful voice and lovely drumm playing, well done. I really feel the benefits from last nights class followed by Kirtan.



Thank you for all your advice, support and hard work, I think you do an amazing job and I have really benefitted from the sessions. J. Wright



I was very reluctant to start yoga as I had had bad experiences with over large classes and teachers that hardly notice that you are there. Vernette is not like this. None of the classes are too large so Vernette can keep her eyes on everyone. Everyone is encouraged whatever their ability and allowed to work at their own pace. Before I went to Vernette, s class I had extremely painful joints in my big toes but with Vernette, s guidance and encouragement I can move the joints better than I have done for years and I am now virtually pain free. I feel so much better in my life now from gardening to dancing! I can highly recommend Vernette's classes, she is fun and professional.
Rebecca Jonas - Freeindex review



Great class last night (Kundalini), feel great today K.Shaw



Left Kirtan last night feeling totally balanced after our sing song. Woke this morning with the words going through my head. Brilliant. J. B   ......I sang all the way home! K. Shaw



Missed yoga so much, thanks for a lovely hip opening session - perfect after all the spinning! C Smith



Particularly awesome class today! thanks so much! E. Burgess



Just thought I'd share that I woke up this morning very happy and full of beans!! Could be the sunshine but more likely the Yin and Kirtan! J. Boast



Wow, felt so energised after Yin and Kirtan on Wednesday! K Shaw


some Retreat feedback - more on youtube videos and retreat page.

3.6.19 - May Yoga be With you retreat

My first yoga retreat experience. For me the right amount of yoga, down time, gong bath & treatment. I really enjoyed the company of the other ladies. The food was fab. The room was lovely. Loved the swimming pool & if it had been colder I would have used the Sauna. The venue setting was tranquil with beautiful surrounding countryside. Plenty of space so that people could spread out when relaxing/ resting. Venue not too far from home to travel to. Also able to walk into town for a bit of cardio. Vernette made me feel so welcome & relaxed. I really enjoyed Vernette’s yoga insights, poems & readings as well as the yoga. Thank you so much for all your hard work before, during & after the yoga retreat. I had the best time, you made me feel welcome & relaxed & all the little extras you put in didn’t go unnoticed by me. Thank you for my eye mask, I am really chuffed with it. Vernette from Gill Price  -email

3.6.19 - May Yoga Be with Retreat

Loved it! The whole experience was relaxing and focused and just flowed so well. The yoga of course with Vernette’s attention to detail and sense of humour. Delicious food, amazingly comfortable bed and great accommodation and facilities. Oh and beautiful setting!

But what I did not mention was the extras.... the eye pillow, the China gel and products to try and the thought you put into us as a group. It made all the difference.

I think I learned this week, from talking to the other ladies that I am lucky to have found you first, there are a lot of yoga teachers out there and I might not have taken to it if I had not had the right teacher for me!

I found yoga as part of a journey to find peace and wellness while grieving. It led me to mindfulness which taught me that whatever we experience in life, however bad and however wrong, we all have a choice in how we respond. I chose to sit with anger, with grief and with despair, which perhaps I needed to ( for a while) but realised that I could change that, I could choose to change the default and found some tools to do so.  And this weekend I learned that we need to listen to ourselves . We listen to our body  when we have a physical pain and we need to listen to our hearts and our minds. I knew that I could do the retreat, I knew that I  would benefit and I am SO glad that I came. I am so glad that I found my yoga monkey voice!!

Thank you x

Ros  -email



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