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Corporate Yoga
Yoga in the workplace

Yoga in Egham



These days we work longer hours, are sitting for hours whether its stuck in traffic jams, on the train or behind a desk hunched over a computer.


This can lead to stress; stress on the body and stress in the mind which then in turn impacts on our work performance and on other areas of our lives. 


If you would like your employees to be healthier, stronger, calmer and more focused, then organise a yoga session at your office. Yoga is not about bending like a contortionist but is a sensible and fun way to better health, mental and general well-being.


Sessions can be arranged on site on-site for your employees and tailored to the needs of the company.


Bring or come in comfortable, loose clothing and bring a yoga mat. 


The session will be aimed at all abilities.


Please email or see the prices page for more details but as an example of a package:


2hours once a week package, priced at £120 covers:

*All pre-class fitness / health assessments made via online submission on my website

*Travel and equipment (I can only bring 10 mats and blocks). I would however, encourage however people to buy their own if making it a regular practice and this would need to be the case if more wished to attend.

*Set up, introduction time and breath awareness 5mins

*70minute physical class

*Any pre/after class questions and answers (remedial, injuries, posture etc...)



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