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Ease, Educate and Empower


Yoga, Pilates and Therapeutic Techniques For All Stages Of The Menopause

(Pre-, Peri- and Post Menopause)

Well Woman Menopause Yoga in Weybridge

Vernette brings together some brilliant techniques from fabulous teachers, menopause specialists and GPs she has studied with (including doing the course designed for GPs), along with her own 18 month research, to help bring the bodys systems into balance, create positivity, educate and empower.

You will learn different approaches to Breath Therapy, Yoga and Pilates than you’ve possibly been taught before, have an understanding of Physiology (physical systems), Biochemistry (chemical processes and hormones), Neurology (brain and nervous system) and Chronobiology (a study of biology to do with cyclical time processes). Alongside movement modalities, we will also be drawing techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP and neuroscience, which can all help alleviate unwanted feelings, moods, brain fog, pains, and temperature fluctuations.

The first and best way of managing hormones is to balance the systems of the body. The easiest way to do this is through the breath. Our breathing affects the brain which affects the body.

To learn how to regulate, control and prevent the fluctuations in temperature and mood there is a way of breathing that allows women to have an altogether more pleasant and empowering way of navigating their life change. These useful, effective and easy to learn breathing techniques are combined with important visualisations and hypnotherapy to hopefully return balance and equilibrium to your physiological, psychological and emotional state.

Vernette also offers an coaching and advice service to support you if you are considering HRT. Vernette doesn't diagnose or prescribe but can provide you with the right information and evidence-based research to arm you with the right questions to ask your GP,  (having done the latest course by Newson Health for GPs herself). Many GPs are not trained in Menopause as it's an optional training for them and this can lead to outdated information being given and we all trust our doctors, so not always the best and correct information is given by every doctor, so it's a great idea to get a headstart, do some research, have some notes and best still, to have it from a reliable source as opposed to Google which can blow up a mindfield of confusion and contradiction.

The Menopause Well Woman Toolkit private session package, workshops and on demand course coming soon, will provide you with clinically proven, effective tools to help alleviate symptoms including (but not limited to):

  • hot flushes and night sweats

  • temperature change

  • fatigue

  • insomnia

  • mood disorders (anger, rage, depression and anxiety)

  • digestive issues

  • weight gain

  • memory, brain fog and headaches

  • painful joints and aching muscles

We will also look at how optimum breathing patterns can enhance cognitive function, physical energy and a balanced awareness. 

The simple practices offered include:

Re-balancing the immune, hormone and nervous systems through

  • breath work

  • restorative yoga postures and gentle pleasurable movement

  • yoga and pilates for muscle mass and bone density

  • hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy

  • yoga nidra

  • visualisation

  • neuroscience

  • neurofitness

  • meditation and mindfulness

10x 1 hour live online zoom sessions can be booked as the Well Woman Toolkit course which is £250 and bookable on the prices page


For more information on private sessions online or in person and workshops, please contact Vernette


Private Sessions face to face / in person

For individual or one off sessions:

1-2 people - Yoga Tuition / Yoga Therapy / Pilates / Personal training in your home, 95minutes £75.00

(first session can include consultation but will incur a shorter practice time).


Private Live Menopause Yoga on Zoom  95minutes £50

Menopause Coaching (advice on exercise, nutrition, stress management, sleep and HRT as well as little tips and techniques offered that you can apply straight away ) 1hr    £60.00 f2f - £30 live via Zoom

Other Private Sessions Offered 

Relaxation Tuition 1hr    £60.00 f2f- £30 live via zoom

Breath Therapy Tuition 1hr    £60.00 f2f - £30 live via Zoom

Yoga Facial Workout Tuition 1hr    £60.00 f2f - £30 live via Zoom

Private sessions and therapies must be cancelled within 24hours, otherwise full fee is payable


You are expected to provide all correct details about your health via the health form prior to attendance for classes or private sessions and YOU are responsible for your own health and level of practice at all times.

Block booked private sessions have time limit of use, see full T&Cs.

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