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Full Education / Training History



Vernette Butler
(Dip.Psy, Dip.Couns, Dip.NLP. RkM, E-RYT, RPYT, YACEP, SYT, CNCH, MNHMS)

Fully insured & licensed Yoga Therapist & Teacher and continuing yoga education provider. 
NHS Long Covid and Menopause Coach. 
Pilates, Zumba & Fitness Instructor.
Holistic & Injury Rehab Therapist.



I'm not sure if anyone is ever really interested in knowing about what each other has learnt and where but because I get occasionally asked when and where I trained and honestly, there's been so many trainings and courses over 20 years, that I can't remember them all off the top of my head without a list and I do love lists! So here it is. It also gives me a chance to offer gratitude to all my teachers.


I've been practicing, studying and teaching yoga, yoga therapy, movement and anatomy for over 21 years, although my first experience of yoga was when I was 13 at school.

I have completed 100's of courses as I believe it's important to keep learning and evolving.

I've written articles for Yoga Magazine (UK), Yoga and Health, Natural Health, Yoga Abode, Positive Health Online, My Life Yoga, Curves Newsletters and Om Yoga Magazine.

I've been a holistic therapist for 25 years and a gym / Pilates Instructor for 10 years.

My specialisations are back pain, anxiety and stress, injury rehab, kids yoga, pre & postnatal, menopause, covid and post covid syndrome / chronic fatigue (ME/CFS) / fibromyalgia,  using yoga therapy, pilates, fascial fitness, mindfulness, EFT, meditation, breath, healing, hypnotherapy, neuroscience / neurofitness movement.

Yoga Lineages:

My yoga training, like yoga itself, has many branches from many lineages and styles from tradtional to more modern anatomically focused. 

In one of my yoga lineages I am 4th in line from Swami Sivananda (via Anne-Marie Newland of Sunpower Yoga, who trained with Swami Vishnu Devananda) and as much as I respect the tradition of yoga and its many lineages, I also draw heavily from many inspirational, evolving styles that include up to date anatomical and bio-mechanical knowledge (Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains, Leslie Kaminoff and Sadie Nardini, Jules Mitchell) to the creative fluid vinyasa of appleyoga (Katy Appleton) and Shiva Rea.

Another of my linages is 4th from T. Khrishnamacharya (via Leslie Kaminoff who trained with Krishnamacharya's son, TKV Desikichar)




Yoga Alliance USA - E-RYT (experienced), RPYT (pregnancy), YACEP (education provider)

Yoga Alliance Professionals UK - SYT (Insured senior yoga teacher

Insured by Balens via YAP for yoga, all fitness and therapy modalities

Yinstinct Yoga - Yoga for the Stages of Menopause Teacher Register

Member of the Newson Health Menopause Society

Registered Yoga Therapist with the Complementary and Natural Health Council

ZIN Member (Zumba Instructor Network)


Various Yoga Qualifications (ALL in person):

Sivananda Yoga Teacher Course (TTC) Dip. (200hrs), 2004

British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Cert. 2006

Yoga Therapy, Biomedical Trust, Foundation and Diploma (2years), 2006 & 2008

Yoga Teacher (TTC) ASET L3 Dip. (200hrs), 2008 (In Person and distant)

Yoga For Health NCFE Dip. (inc. basic massage therapies), (In Person and distant)

Yoga Therapy L1 & L2 Diplomas,(4years) Inc. massage & nutrition, 2007-2011 (In Person and distant)

Thai Yoga Massage Dip.BSY  (200hrs) (In Person and distance)


Sun Power Yoga  Teaching Training(in person): CYQ Yoga Teacher (TTC) Diploma L3/YA / 200hours  - Jan 2013 + short 1hr refresh classes 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 + online classes for CPD online 2020-21


Katy Appleton / appleyoga Teacher Training (in person):

applecore I Training 'Architecture of Asana' Jan 2014 inc. A&P (72hrs)

applecore II Training 'Tuning in to the Inner Landscape' April 2014 inc. philosophy & psychology (72hrs)

Pre and Postnatal Yoga TTC (with Baby Yoga. Baby Massage and Post Natal Pilates)  YA / YAP (95hrs) Sept 2015

Katy CPD & Retreats

Pranic Peace Retreat  Aug 2013 (10hrs practice)

Workshop 'Spread Your Wings To Fly' Oct 2013 (90mins)

Workshop 'Apple Soul Shine' Nov 2013 (90mins)

Volunteer assessment body for teacher trainees - Sept 2014

Pre and Postnatal Yoga TTC (with Baby Yoga. Baby Massage and Post Natal Pilates)  YA / YAP (95hrs) Sept 2015 

Yoga Show refresh classes: Oct 2011, 2012, 2013, volunteer helper on appleyoga stand at 2014,

Workshop 'Lakshmi Flow' Oct 2015 (90mins)

Italy Soul Shine Retreat, 3-10th Sept 2016 (28hours)

Saraswati Workshop 23.2.17 Vernoyga Hosting and assisting (2.5hrs)

Autumn Nourishment 12.10.17 Vernyoga Hosting and practicing (2.5hrs)

Italy Soul Shine Retreat 15-22nd June 2019 (28hours)

Online classes for personal practice and CPD 2018 - ongoing


Sadie Nardini and Tyler McCoy - Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV): Yoga Teacher Training & Business Courses

(in person and online) 380+ hours:

Rockstar TTC (21hours), YA 5hours contact, 20hours YA non contact, July 2014 (in person / online)

Evolution TTC (20hours), YA 5hours contact, 20hours YA non contact, Aug 2014 (in person / online)

The Journey (20hours online), Sept 2014

Total Freedom - Marketing (18hours online), Apr 2015

Yoga of Success (3hour onlines),

14 Day Detox, Yoga for Weight Loss - (20hours online ), Aug 2014

Yoga Shred / HIIT (2hours online)

Total Transformation TTC (20 hours online),

Bad*ss Yoga TTC (13hours), YA 10-15 CPD credits, online, Aug 2015

Yoga Variations Course Oct 2015 (5hours online),

The Warrior Within: Empower Your Yoga and Inner Strength! (7hours online) Apr 2016

The Revolution Yoga Anatomy Teacher Training Course (12.5hours online) Jun 2016

21 Day Yoga Shred (online)

Yoga for Insomnia (online)

Arm Balances and Inversions Workshop In person London 17.3.17 (2hours)

Rock Your Voice Online Course 2019

Tyler McCoy: 7 Day Yoga Cut (HIIT), (4hours online) Jan 2015

Meditation and Stress Reduction (3hours online)


Shiva Rea & Christopher Tompkins (in person and online):

Workshops: Yoga Trance Dance Jun 2013 & July 2014 (90mins each). Working on Sahaja, Prana Flow and Dance.

Course: History and Evolution of Yoga Vinyasa with Christopher Tompkins and Shiva Rea, Oct 2014 -May 2015: 40 hour immersion into the most up to date scholarship on the evolution of yoga featuring new historical discoveries and previously un-translated manuscripts mostly from tantric shaivism on the lost method, sequence or vinyasa of the practices that feature in the hatha manuals from the 14thc onward.


Leslie Kaminoff (live via Zoom and prerecorded):

Yoga Anatomy Practices Course - May 20-Nov 21 (19months CPD)

Demystifying the Bandhas - Nov 2020 (3hrs - zoom)

Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor - Jan 2021 (2hrs - zoom)

Psoas and Articulate Core April 2021 (2hrs - zoom)

An Introduction to Healing Through to Breath Centered Yoga (Jan 2022 - 2hrs - zoom)


Various Yoga Workshops (in person):

Kevala Centre, Yoga Practical Training weekend 2006 (14hrs)

Howard Napper - Age Defying Yoga, Oct 2011 (90mins)

Leah Bracknell - Shamanic Yoga May 2014 (3hrs), Oct 2014 (90mins) and Oct 2015 (90mins) and Serenity Relaxation Session May 2015 (3hrs)

Nichola Cummiskey -  Indo Board Yoga Feb 2014 (2hrs)

Emma Heald (appleyoga) - Aug 2014 (2.5hr)

Carolyn Cowan - Heart Opening and De-stressing Kundalini - Dec 2014


Online Yoga CPD/CED refreshers and self improvement eCourses:

Jennifer Kries - Yin Yoga - Aug 2014 (1hr) Jennifer Kries
Paula Fortunato - Yin Yoga for Happy Hips and Hamstrings (90mins) Paula Fortunato
Yoga As Meditation -  Sept 2014 (5hours) Swami Jnaneshvara / Abhyasa Ashram -

Chakras - Kundalini Yoga (12hrs) April 2015 Mark Keane
Kundalini for Stress and Anxiety -April 2015 (2.5hrs) Valinda-Variam Kaur -
Born to Fly - Yoga Philosophy, Inversions and Kirtan (35hrs) Raghunath Cappo

Learning Harmonium for Yoga (2hrs) 2017 Raghunath Cappo

Chair Yoga (July 2016) 2.5hrs Kassandra Reinhardt

Yoga for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Body Building (4hrs) Jun 2016 Kassandra Reinhardt -

Yin Yoga for Flexibility and Stress Relief (2017) Kassandra Reinhardt

PBYP - (20hours practice enhancement) jun-aug 2016, Erin Motz 

PBYP II - (20hours practice enhancement) nov 16  Erin Motz  

PBYP Resolution (30hours practice enhancement of yoga and fitness training) 2019 Erin Motz 

Aim True Online Course for Self Empowerment (2hours) Oct 2016 Kathryn Budig

21 Goddess Yoga Course (self practice enhancement) Mar 17 

Yoga Teacher Training (refresher) April 17  Brett Larkin 

Yoga Medicine - Yoga Anatomy - 20hours - (refresher) Dec 2017 Tiffany Cruikshank

Meditation and Mudras - (3hrs) March 2018 Lisa Powers, Libby Seery 

An Intro to Hatha Yoga & Pranayama (5hrs refresher) Mar 2018 Josie Mckenlay   

Anatomy in Motion - Wake Up Your Body - June 2018 Gary Ward 

The Power of Movement in mind-body transformation (30mins) Aug 2016, Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains

Yoga Nidra CPD - (5hrs) Mar 2019 Tripura Yoga

Teaching Yoga to Kids (Gogo Yoga) - Sara Weiss 2019

Biomechanics and Asana (4.5hrs refresher) sept '19 Jules Mitchell 

Soma Breath Foundations - Nov '20

NHS - Introduction to Mindfulness - Jan 2022

Yoga Medicine - Neurodynamics and Yoga:  techniques to regulate pain -  live seminar with Tiffany Cruikshank - Feb 2022 (1.5hr)

Yoga Neuroscience for pain management - Celeste Pereira Aug 2022

Yoga Somatics 2022 - Josie McKenlay

Kid Yoga Oct 2022 - Jessica Flemming

Feldenkrais Foundations - 



I've also studied the work of or been inspired by:

My first teachers Denise Knight at school, Barbara Currie with her videos and live classes in Walton, Surrey.

Sri T. Krishnamacharya, Swami Vishnu Devananda, Swami Sivananda, TKS Desikachar, BKS Iyengar & Geeta Iyengar, Bryan Kest, Erich Schiffmann, Beryl Bender Birch, Baron Baptiste, Kate Agnew, Paul Grilley, Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains), Vani Devi, Marlene Henny, Marlene Smits, David Lurey, Leila Sadaghee, Stephanie Foster, Anton Simmha, John Scott, Louise Soloman, Karen Voight, Lynne Robinson, Bernie Clarke, Claudia Brown, Dr Louise Newson, Dr Annice Mukherjee all of whom I owe as much thanks to for the inspiration they have provided over the years in person or online.



Specialist Trainings:


Pre and Postnatal Yoga TTC (with Baby Yoga. Baby Massage & Post Natal Pilates)  YA / YAP (95hrs) Sept 2015  - appleyoga/ Katy Appleton

Pilates for Pregnancy - May 17 Dr Fleur Castlereagh - online

Post Natal Pilates - 4th Trimester (1hour) July 2018 - online

Postnatal Yoga - Basic Class (2.5hrs) Tatiana Abbey - online


Menopause / Hormones

Yoga for the Stage of Menopause (40hour TTC) June 2021 - Yinstinct Yoga, online live via zoom 

Neuroanatomy and Brain Food in Movement Module for Menopause (3 hours) Dec 2021 Yinstinct Yoga - online live via zoom

Yoga for an Empowered Menopause  - Sept 21 - (6hours) Carolyn Cowan, online

Menopause Awareness for Pilates (8 hours) Sept 2021, live via zoom, Dinah Siman, Live online via Zoom

Peri Menopause & Menopause Nutrition (2,5hrs) Nov 2021, Andrea Howard, online

Hypnotherapy for Menopause (3hrs) Nov 2021 In person and online via zoom

Confidence in Menopause Course for GPs and Health Professionals by Newson Health - July 2022


Back Health:

Yoga and Pilates for Neck and Back Care - Oct 2015 (9.5hrs) - Lucas Rockwood, online

Pilates Back Care - treat, manage and eliminate - July 2018 (2hours), Josie McKenlay, online

The Incredible SI Joint (4.5hrs) Jan 2020 Jules Mitchell - online

Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Keys to Sacroiliac Stability and Ease of Movement - June 2020 (13 hours CPD) Donna Farhi, online

Yoga and Physiotherapy For Back Pain (Jan 2024)

Covid / Long Covid / Chronic Fatigue:

Covid and Long Covid Multi Discipline Course (yoga breath, hypnotherapy, neurofitness, rehab exercise) 15hs - July 2021

NHS - Long Covid / Post Covid Syndrome - Jan 2022

NHS - Covid Recovery and Rehab - Jan 2022

NHS - Breathlessness After Long Covid - Jan 2022

NHS - Exercise After Covid - Jan 2022

NHS - Cough after Covid - Jan 2022

NHS - Fatigue After Covid - Jan 2022


Fitness  / Pilates  / Nutrition Qualifications (all in person):

I also have 12 years gym instruction and personal training experience, worked at four gyms, run a HIIT Yoga class, previously ran a LBT / Bodysculpt class for 4 years, Fun Fitness Circuit Class (2017- ) and Fusion (yoga & pilates) classes (2010- )

CYQ L2 Gym / Fitness Instruction  2008

CYQ L2 Exercise To Music

CYQ L2 Chair Based Exercise

CYQ L3 Pilates Instructor 2014

REPS Circuit Training Certificate

First Aid for Sports Certificate (HSE)

Kinesiology Taping, Discovery Training

Curves: Release 1, 2, 3 Certs: - Circuit Coach, Sales and Presentations, Weight Management. Jun 2009

Curves Complete / Cleveland Clinic Cert. - Counselling, Coaching and Nutrition. Aug 2013

Zumba Fitness / Cue Like A Pro / Social Media Marketing  - July 2020 (online)

Zumba Core - 2021

Josie Mckenlay Pilates and Barre CPD eCourses (online):

Pilates 30 Sessions - level 1-3 (11.5hrs) Sept 2016 and ongoing revision

Express Pilates (4hrs) Sept 2017

Pilates Teacher Training (Refresher) (7hrs) May 17 and again Mar 18

Barre Belle 31 day Teacher Training (10.5 hrs) Mar - July18

7 Day Pilates (1 hour) July 2018

Barre Belle Express - May 2018 (1hour)

Pilates with a Ball - July 2020 (3.5 hrs)

Pilates Extras - Jan 2022 -

Pilates with Props -  


Other Online Various Health / Pilates /  Fitness / Anatomy / Nutrition  ..... CPD eCourses:

The Health Sciences Academy Nutrition Course  2014

Anatomy and Physiology  Mar 17

Physiotherapy and Movement - May 17

Pilates Mat Course refresher -  sept '19 Elif Atay -

Muscle Tension, Pain and Sleep - Myofascial Release and foam rolling - July 2016 (12hrs) Roman Torgovitsky -

Kinesiology Taping Practitioner refresher on techniques (5hrs) -OMT Training July 2022






Reiki, alongside yoga & pilates is my other passion. I don't always fully understand it with my Psychologists hat on but I love how it continues to amaze and inspire me and have been truly in awe at some of the results it has had personally and my clients.


Reiki Qualifications:


Reiki Evolution: Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree. I trained with Reiki Evolution and Sue Norman in 2009/10.

I studied both original Japanese Usui Reiki (Usui Reiki Ryoho) and Traditional Western Reiki (Usui Shiki Reiki)

Lisa Powers: Reiki Master / Teacher level Course (inc level 1&2 again also) - July 2016

                - Animal Reiki  - March 2024

                - Reiki and Acupressure for Anxiety and Depression (Sept 2016 & 2024

Rosemary Owen: Reiki Masters / Teachers level & Advanced Reiki Technique Course (inc level 1&2 again also) - Aug 2016

Berardino Nardella:  Advanced Reiki Level 4 (2024)

Celtic & Norse Healing:

Berardino Nardella / Pamela Jordan: Cetic Reiki levels1, 2 and Masters / Teachers (2023/4)

Gretchen Alley - Celtic Reiki levels 1,2, and Masters / Teacher (2024)

Caroline Todd Attunements 2023/24 - Avalon Mist Reiki, Celtic Transfomationl Healing, Celtic Soul Reiki, Celtic Wisom Reiki, Attraction Reiki, Run Valdr (all Master / Teacher), Attraction Reiki, Run Vladr. 



Massage Courses:


L3 ITEC Diploma in Massage

Massage modules have been included in various courses I have been on but first learnt massage techniques whilst at School and East Surrey College (which was mostly therapeutic face, head, neck and back) and have been practicing massage techniques for 18years.

Diploma in Thai Massage

Yoga Therapy Diplomas Level 1 and 2 (Dip.Th.) (4year course) Included massage and nutrition


The Yoga Therapy course above as well as previous Yoga Therapy courses and workshops have covered therapeutic, remedial, general massage, as well as Yogic Osteopathic manipulation (similar to Thai Massage) and Shiatsu.


appleyoga prenatal & postnatal yoga TTC including baby yoga and massage



COUNSELLING & Related Modalities


I have counselled the bereaved by suicide. This is something I have life experience of and is hard to cope with when you feel no one can really understand unless they have been there, so I’m not just a counsellor who has learnt everything from a textbook, I can empathise with how you really feel.

Bereavement of this kind needs special understanding of the many stages of grief you go through, and in many ways this form of bereavement can take longer than any other as it’s the choice of the individual and the people left behind have so many questions.

I have been counsellor / life coach for 8 years via voluntary, charity and private work mostly for lifestyle, weight management and nutrition, bereavement (especially suicide), separation, relationships, phobias, anxiety and panic, depression, stress, eating disorders, confidence and self-esteem, sleep disorders, trauma.


"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."



Counselling  / Psychology Qualifications and experience:

Cert (MP), Modern Psychology  2004

BSY Cert (AP), Abnormal Psychology  2004

Cert (NLP), (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) 2005

Cert (PS) in Presentation Skills for Therapists 2005

Dip.NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Diploma (Merit A+) 2005

Dip.Couns (Counselling Diploma L3/ NVQ 3/A level) 2005

Level 2 Certificate in Online Counselling Distance study CPD mini course 2014

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Distance study CPD mini course 2014

Introduction to EFT Cert. x2 (Amy Cooper mini course and EFT Centre Introduction Course) 2024

EFT/EFT Energy/TFT Practitioner Course 2024

Applecore II Training ' Tuning in to the Inner Landscape' April 2014 (72hrs), covered psychology and behavioural patterns with Kerry-Lyn Stanton-Downs

Counselling in regards to diet, comfort eating and behaviour was also included on the Curves Complete course - see fitness qualifications

Hypnotherapy included on Yoga Therapy course

Menopause Psychology included in Psychology, Pilates and Yoga courses for that specific subject.



"Thank you for the Reiki, I feel so much better! Much more energy :)" J. Rendall


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