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Keys to our ancestery & heritage

I have been tracing my family history since 2015. I have traced one side of my family back 2000 years and the other side to 15th century. I serioulsy love the detective side of it and I really stuck in for hours. I use all the genealogy and DNA websites and apps as well as research through other websites, archives, libraries and local museums.


It can be hugely interesting to know where we have come from and what our ancestors did from our recent past, and even with the modern advances in DNA, we can see where our ancient ancesters came from and what they did.


I have found it fascinating and ties in with my OCD nerdiness that always wants to try and solve mysteries. Must have been a detective in a past life!


I'm a keen historian, loved history at school, visit many historical sites and love Time Team!


Being based in Surrey, I hve always traced and studied my local history of Chertsey and Addlestone.


If you would like some help with yor family tree or history but are limited on time, then do get in touch. 


Fees vary on the amount of research involved, deadlines and any extra expenses such as travel but start as low as £20 an hour

Fern Leaf

Portfolio examples will be displayed here soon

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