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Hello and Welcome

Hi, I'm Vernette -
Experienced, Senior Yoga Therapist/Teacher who also loves to dance!
I'm an anatomy, biomechanics and neuroscience geek, Yoga & Anatomy CPD Educator, NHS Covid & Menopause Support Therapist, Kids Yoga Teacher, Pilates, Fitness and Zumba Instructor, Reiki Master, and an Holistic Therapist.
I am dedicated to helping you with your health and well-being.
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'Where does the name Vernette come from?' I get asked that alot! Click Here

I offer online and in-person classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions and courses in Weybridge, Hersham, Byfleet, Addlestone, Chertsey, Thorpe nr Egham and throughout Surrey.

It's my aim to be able to offer diversity and accessibility through yoga and movement, no matter what your needs or preferences are - whether it's with physical, active movement or through a more meditative, restorative or therapeutic approach, often with nature and seasonal themes based around The Wheel of The Year, to ground us back from our busy, often office based, techno-filled lives. More information on everything on offer below and around the website.  Happy reading! 

yoga in Weybridge
Pilates Addlestone
  • Classic and Contemporary Pilates Mat Work 1-2-1 sessions

  • Core Conditioning

  • Back Care - Combination of Pilates and Yoga works best!

  • All yoga classes have Core Strength Vinyasa & Pilates elements in them

  • Fusion Yogalates classes of yoga, pilates and barre online Saturdays at 12pm

Zumba in Thorpe
personal training weybridge
yoga therapay addlestone
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  • Female Health:-

  • Help with PMS / PMDD

  • Pre/Peri/Post Menopause educator and advisor(Trained with NHS / Newson Health / Specialist Menopause Yoga & Pilates training) For help with:- nutrition, exercise, sleep, mood disorders, self-image & self-esteem, hot/cold flushes, HRT, Supplements.

  • 1-2-1 Online / Phone Peri to Post Menopause Coaching and Advice

  • Menopause Courses and private 1-2-1 in person yoga & coaching sessions

  • Community & Online group events to share experiences and get advice. 

Read reviews and recommendations on the following sites: Google, TrustPilot, Trip Advisor,  Freeindex


Current Group Class Prices:

Pay As You Go:

IN-PERSON YOGA (95 mins):  £12

IN-PERSON ZUMBA (50mins):  £6.50

ZOOM YOGA (95 mins):  £10

ZOOM CIRCUITS (1hr):  £6.50 

ZOOM ZUMBA (50 mins): £4.50

Non-Consecutive Class Passes:  (T&Cs apply)

*ALL CLASS Pass (all classes online or in person) - £50 for 6, £90 for 12

*ZOOM ONLY ZUMBA Pass - £26 for 6, £50 for 12

*ALL ZUMBA Pass (online & in person) - £38 for 6, £72 for 12

Can be paid and booked for on the website timetable

OR you can download the booking app if you're viewing this on your phone -  CLICK HERE

PLEASE DO NOT pay for classes until you have filled in the health questionnaire (PARQ) and received reply.


Places must be prebooked due to space. Thank you.


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!! NEW CLASS !! Wednesday evening Zumba class in  -

Book here

Videos On Demand - you can now buy any yoga/ Zumba video as pay as you go from my offical Zumba page. 

Why not buy someone a class pass as a gift? Head to the prices page to buy a pass which can then be transferred to the recipient!!


Classes at a glance. 

MON - Yoga @Byfleet 9.30am | Yoga @Weybridge 7pm.
TUES - Zumba @ Hersham Centre for the Community 1.30pm | Mellow Yoga @ Hersham Centre for the Community | Yoga on Z
oom 7pm,
WED - Yoga @Thorpe & Zoom 9.30am | Chair Yoga on Zoom 12.15pm | Zumba @ Weybridge 7pm
THURS - Daytime 1-2-1 Sessions | Yin Yoga on Zoom 7pm
FRI - Daytime 1-2-1 Sessions | Kids PreSchool Yoga (private)
SAT - Yogalates on Zoom 12pm

Yoga On Demand - Video Monthly Subscription

Zumba / Yoga on Demand - Pay As You Go Videos (will open my zumba page but has all video ons to buy - yoga, yogalates, circuits, Zumba)


* Subscription Videos available here


Video Tutorials on:

*how to book a class

*how to cancel / reschedule a class

*check your credit in your vernyoga account

*Also online wellbeing workshops will be popping up on menopause, chronic fatigue, back pain and other topics/issues as requested.

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What is yoga? Where does it come from?

Yoga is an invaluable gift that our ancestors have given us. Yoga embodies unity of mind, body, breath; an holistic approach to health and well being. Click above to learn the history and origins of yoga. Check out the resources, articles and blog pages to find out how Yoga helped Vernette and how it can help you too!   

MEN! also check it out to find out why yoga is not just for women!

yoga in thorpe surrey

'Grace, beauty, strength, energy and firmness adorn the body through yoga' - Yoga Sutras III.47 - 400 CE

"Man is ill because he is never still."  Paracelsus 14th Century Physician

'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment' - Ralph Emerson

What makes a great teacher?  Two answers from my teachers

A great yoga teacher embodies the qualities of humility, integrity, patience, knowledge and humour. They are on the path, working on themselves, so they can be a lighthouse for consciousness.”  Katy Appleton (

“A good yoga teacher is a practitioner not a performer. Always have the time to help, adjust or give instruction in breath work as well as asana and remembers to get off the mat. A great teacher needs the eye, the hand, and most importantly, the heart.”  Anne-Marie Newland (

"A good teacher remains a student" 

Yoga and Pilates in Addlestone
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