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Reiki Healing
For Yourself, Your Loved One or Pet

Held in Hersham on Fridays 11-3pm

Online Reiki attunement courses are available here

Reiki (Usui Reiki Ryoho and Usui Shiki Ryoho)


I originally learnt Reiki with Sue Norman of Reiki Evolution and therefore learnt the techniques of two branches of Usui Reiki - Usui Reiki Ryoho (the Original Japanese branch which teaches a more spiritual, intuitive and yet simpler practice of Reiki) and Usui Shiki Ryoho (the Traditional Western branch which teaches a more rigid set of Reiki techniques).


Reiki was brought up in a conversation some years back with a gentlemen who was into martial arts and he raved about Reiki, but still at that point, I didn't know what it was, but I kept finding that it was being mentioned more and more with people I came into contact with and my interest was sparked.


My first experience of Reiki was through a therapy exchange, still not knowing what it was or what to expect.

I was amazed at how I felt and what I was feeling even when the practitioners hands weren't directly on me at one point in the session. I was hooked and had to find out more, and this started my continuing journey through Reiki and I thank Sue Walsh and Sue Norman for opening my eyes to Reiki.

I went onto Master level with Lisa Powers and Rosemary Owen, Advanced Level 4 and Celtic Reiki.


Did Hippocrates do Reiki?!


In the fifth century BC, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, stated;

"It is believed by experienced doctors that the heat which oozes out of the hand, on being applied to the sick, is highly salutary. It has often appeared, while I have been soothing my patients, as if there was a singular property in my hands to pull and draw away from the affected parts, aches and diverse impurities, by laying my hand upon the place, and extending my fingers toward it. Thus it is known to some of the learned that health may be implanted in the sick by certain gestures, and by contact, as some diseases may be communicated from one to another."

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese hands on / off relaxation technique that aids the body in self healing. Reiki treatments are for everyone and only work for the persons greatest good so no harm can ever be done as it promotes your own natural ability to heal. It works on all levels -  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. There are similar energy healing techniques called Seichem/Sekhem/SKHM which is based in the Egyptian Tradition and Pranic Healing which is in the Indian tradition as well as Cettic Reiki (see below)

The treatment works for the person as a whole rather than for specific symptoms, although Reiki will go where it is needed. It's sometimes useful to think of water on a draining board, it flows to where needed.

Receiving a Reiki treatment is a relaxing simple, non-intrusive hands on therapy. It can be done with the receiver laying down (preferred as its more relaxing) or seated and always fully clothed. The key is to be comfortable enough to be fully relaxed. The practitioner then places their hands non-intrusively in a sequence of positions over the whole body.


What to expect:

This can vary a lot between individuals as the body tries to decipher the energy flow as recognisable sensations. You may feel heat, tingling, prickly sensations, coolness, throbbing, however there is also the possibility you may feel very little other than a sense of well being and deep relaxation. As with the relaxation at the end of my yoga classes, it's not uncommon for people to fall asleep, Reiki still flows if you do nod off!

I work both hands on and off, I start off by scanning with my hands above the body using Reiji Ho, working intuitively and then place my hands either in set positions or where I feel the client needs it most. Hands are not placed on any intimate areas, always above if I feel the body is needing the energy there.

Is Reiki a placebo?

You may be interested the study of Reiki on the National Library of Medicine (NLM / Pub Med)


Reiki Lineage:

I personally don't feel this important as we cant patent energy, but we as humans like to have an idea of heirarchy of education, class or authencity and hence the levels in reiki and the name master. I know it's important for some to trace the lineage and therefore I include all the energy systems I'm attuned to here

Celtic Reiki / Avalon Mist Reiki / Celtic Transformational Healing / Celtic Wisom Reiki /  Celtic Soul Reiki  / Run Valdr (Rune Power) / Attraction Reiki

Celtic Reiki is a variant of Usui Reiki. What makes Celtic Reiki unique is that it harnesses the vibrations and energies of the Earth and specific trees or plants, to create a healing and friendly environment. So, it's a very distinctive Reiki system. The energy in this Reiki system mirrors the frequency of various trees and plants, working in harmony with the channeled wisdom of these plants and the Celtic tradition. Since Celtic Reiki is based on Earth energy, it sets itself apart from classic Usui Reiki and most Reiki systems. Instead of using universal energy that flows from the universe and is channeled through the crown chakra, this terrestrial energy, being grounded, does the opposite, flowing from the first chakra or feet, to where healing is needed. It's a truly unique, fascinating, and interesting Reiki system, primarily because it connects us deeply to Earth's energy and our entire planet. For those who need to be more grounding, it's an essential Reiki system to practice, not only for self-treatment but to recieve. In Celtic Reiki we use the Ogham symbols as opposed to the Japanese reiki symbols. Celtic Transformational Healing works with a similar idea as the Indian Chakra system, that we have energtic centres in the body that affect how we feel and function physically, mentally and energetically. But in this system it based on a medieval poem that tells of 3 energetic centres seen as cauldrons or bowls within the body that are either facing down, sideways or up and we work wth energy to what is in them. You can think of them as our well(s) of being. Run Valdr is working with Runes and Norse symbolism and healing. All have their advantages and some may feel the energies of each system differently. It depends on what you're drawn to. They all for the higher good of helping you to heal and feel relaxed. Attraction Reiki is more for manifesting and for self confidence, so can be used with other forms of reiki, in fact they can all be mixed depending if you have specifics neds or desires for it or jjst wos for it to be a general treatment.

Animal Reiki

Reiki can also be given to animals. Some animals are more receptive to it than others. They soon let you know if they like it, where they want it or if they dont want it. Reiki is always used for good so can never harm and can be used if the animal is experiencing behavourial or physical issues. This is best done at the clients home where the animal feels most safe.

All reiki teatments can be offered at your home or at the therapy room. I can also attend to give treatment to a person in hospital or hospice or as distance healing.



Full Reiki Treatment of any system 1hr £55,  Online or distant treament £35

The Chakra Crystal Reiki Cleanse 1hr   £55 (using crystals at Chakra Energy Centres)

‘Half ‘n Half’  (reiki & back massage) 1hr  £55     1.5hr  £75


Therapies are booked and deposit £20 paid in advance. Sessions must be cancelled within 48 hours, otherwise payment is non refundable as someone else could've had the slot. Once you have enquired for availability you can pay your deposit here


You are expected to provide all correct details about your health.

Other Private Sessions Offered 

Yoga therapy 1hr £60 in person - £35 online via zoom, 95 minutes £75 in person,  1hr via zoom£60 (all payable in advance in full)

Relaxation Tuition (meditation, stress management, mindfulness, yoga nidra, visualisation) 1hr  £55 in person - £35 live via zoom

Breath Therapy Tuition (yoga pranayama and other breath technique practices) 1hr £55 in person - £35 live via Zoom

EFT - 1hr £55 in person - £35 live via Zoom

Yoga Facial Workout Tuition 1hr    £55 in person - £35 live via Zoom

Nutrition support / Life Coaching 1hr    £55 in person - £35 live via Zoom

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