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Kirtan & Sound

Kirtan and Sound Therapy Meditation in Weybridge, Surrey

'Kirtan is the soul singing!'


The Kirtan & Sound Meditation class mostly consists of call and response singing and chanting and sound vibration work, it's an effortless sing-a-long meditation which is uplifting, releasing and easy, you don't need to be able to sing in tune or remember words! It is be on every 4th Wednesday of the month at 7-8.30pm £8 but must be booked.



Why sound? Why chant? Why sing? Why Sanskrit?


Sanskrit is a sacred ancient language that promotes a route to our true selves, a route to peace and bliss via the vibrations of the sacred syllables.  You may be worried by the idea of chanting in another language and if there's any religious conflictions. I would answer that to say that if any Indian deities are involved in the chanting, for me, personally, it is more to evoke what elements or qualities they stand for, as in protection, prosperity, creativity or health. So, why not in English you may ask? why is an opera in Italian  / Latin?  Because it sounds better and has more emotion and feeling. The same is for Sanskrit. The syllables have profound vibrational effects on out psychology and physiology.


Chanting Vedic Mantras invoke inner joy and provides a natural high. You can be completely immersed in the sound, with no words to distract the mind.

Kirtan Weybridge Aug 2015
Mantra Yoga Weybridge aug 2015
Nada Yoga Weybridge Aug 2015
Yogic Singing in Weybridge
Chanting Meditation, Weybridge
Singing Meditation Weybridge
Kirtan in Surrey
Kirtan in Weybridge

As children, we love to make sounds and sing but something often happens where we become discouraged and no longer feel comfortable or allowed to sing or make noises. As a consequence we loose confidence in our voice, whether it's singing or speaking in public or even just engaging in social conversation. We feel silly if asked to step out of our comfort zone.Sound work, voice work and chanting offers the chance to find that voice, to release held tensions and limitations, to find the enjoyment of singing and sound.


The breath changes as we sing or chant, we breathe deeper, we employ muscles we often don't use in the chest and throat as well as the vocal chords! Often, we wont sing unless alone in the car or shower or feel we cant sing, let alone in tune. This session offers a chance to chant the sacred syllables without worrying as to whether you can sing in tune or whether you can remember the words!


Kirtan works as call and response.When we chant together in our 'Yogic Choir' we experience the feeling of connectedness. Everyone experiences kirtan differently, and it doesn’t have to be a religious or spiritual experience, you don't need to be of any particular faith to do it - it's open to all.  You can think of it as a just sing-along.  


The effects can be profound.Kirtan belongs to the Nada Yoga (yoga of sound), Mantra Yoga and Bhakti Yoga (devotional) paths of yoga. 


If still not sure about Kirtan, come along and try it, after all how would you describe honey to someone who hadn't tried it.Special thanks to Nikki Slade, who has kindly let me use her Kirtan CDs as a soundtrack to the session, please check out her website Find the Inner Voice


21.1.15 'Wow, what can I say, yet again you introduce me to something new (Kirtan) and I am hooked, feel so chilled out and relaxed, you have a beautiful voice and lovely drum playing, well done. I really feel the benefits from last nights class followed by Kirtan'. Jan Lee.


17.2.15 'Great class last night (Kundalini), feel great today. Left Kirtan last night feeling totally balanced after our sing song. Woke this morning with the words going through my head. Brilliant. J. B   ......I sang all the way home!' K. Shaw

Sound and Voice Private Sessions


I can also provide breathing and voice techniques for singers, and small private group sound therapy sessions

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