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By Alfred Willowhawk

Celtic Transformational Healing Attunement utilises the three cauldrons of the body - the The Cauldron of Warming, The Cauldron of Vocation/Motion and The Cauldron of Knowledge/Wisdom

The Cauldron of Warming (Coire Goirath)
This cauldron is the root of our physical well being and health. It is upright at birth and should remain that way throughout a person’s life. It is a combination of the Root and Navel Chakras, and is warmed by the universal energy around and within ourselves and given power by our own blood.

The Cauldron of Vocation/Motion (Coire Ernmae)
This cauldron is the root of our skills and emotions, our mental and emotional strength. It is sideways at birth and moves throughout one’s life as emotions, (joy and sorrow), gifts, and skills become learned.

The Cauldron of Knowledge/Wisdom (Coire Sois)
This cauldron is the cauldron of our spiritual health and strength. This cauldron is upside down in a person at birth. It is a combination of the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. A seeker after wisdom spends an entire life changing the position of this cauldron and then filling it.

It is the goal of every individual to turn all our internal cauldrons to the best of our ability, and once they are turned to fill them as is appropriate. Not every person can turn and fill the three cauldrons completely. However, every person can strive to the maximum extent of their talents, gifts and abilities to manifest their maximum potential within themselves.

- Celtic Transformational Healing distance attunement via Chi Ball Method
- Original manual by Alfred Willowhawk
- Guidance leaflets by Vernette for how to receive attunements
- Various bonus manuals are included on either the chakras, auras, psychic self development, angels etc
- Ongoing support and advice via email
- Certificate
- PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy onto others!!
- All of the information for the course and bonus manuals will be sent to you by email

Celtic Transformational Healing

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