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CoreFlow Yoga in Thorpe

Medium / Dynamic paced yoga flow class. Wed 10am

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 12 British pounds
  • Thorpe Village Hall, Blackhouse Farm, Coldharbour Lane, TW20 8TG


In-Person class held in Thorpe. places must be pre-booked either as PAYG or with a class pass. STYLE: Blended Hatha / Core Strength Vinyasa / SunPower Yoga Class. Suitable for those with a little flow yoga experience (4-6weeks+) or strong beginners that are reasonably fit / mobile and move up / down from floor with relative ease. Class pace changes due to collective ability of all those attending but generally a medium pace / hatha flow class with a little more empahsis on using our foundations and core engagment for support to work through sequences (dont worry it's not all ab work!!) Includes breathwork, corework, floorwork, kneeling, flowing standing sequences, balances, sitting postures, laying postures and relaxation, so if you have any trouble with being on the floor or kneeling, contact me first, so I can offer some options to work around that for you. May not be suitable for those with some health issues - enquire if unsure as I will be able to offer more advice following the health form submission. BOOKING: If first time attending - Please fill in online fitness form (all boxes need filling before it will submit and green tick will appear when it has successfully sent) and wait for response to book in. Please DONT drop in as may not be space. ----- Free parking for 12 cars and you can also park down the centre you will need: *Your own proper sticky, yoga mat (not a spongy pilates mat as these slide on the floor), block and strap. Can be borrrowed from me for your first class or mats can be bought from me(£18) but please let me know beforehand so I have them with me. *Wear layers, you may get chilly at the end as it can be cooler inside than out and our weather is never that warm!

Cancellation Notice

Cancellation Notice / Reschedule is up to 2 hours before class on the system. After that, you will be charged. Please cancel on the website by logging in/registering (menu top right above vernette banner) and going to 'my bookings' to cancel or reschedule the class you're booked for.

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