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Fusion Yogalates on Zoom

A Fusion of Yoga, Pilates, Barrefloor, breath & relaxation. Sat 12noon

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 10 British pounds
  • Online Via Zoom


Slow Flow Blended Pilates, Barre and Yoga to work the deep core lines of the body, tone, stretch and relax. Suitable for those needing a slower practice but that still want an effective workout for body and mind. Working on strength, stamina and flexibility. It still has the yoga sun salutes in sometimes, which are a flowing sequence, so a reasonable amount of fitness and/or mobility is helpful as in being able to get up and down off the floor with relative ease, although modifications are there to help. We also weight bear into hands and knees, so again, you can modify and also use a blanket or towel under the knees. I'm also happy for people to leave bits out, rest and watch if they need to due to illness or injury - you dont have to do it all to gain the benefits and energy of the class, as we learn from watching and listening too! Have a blanket to hand for knees, under the back and for relaxation. Benefits of Yoga and Pilates, separate or as combined ​Some benefits: Your body will become better aligned to prevent imbalances and improve posture. This is particularly useful for sportsmen, for example: think of a tennis player constantly hitting the ball using the same arm or a golfer always swinging from the same side. You will become more body-aware and better coordinated, improving your skills of proprioception - the sequencing of movement and your body finding it's place in space. The space between your vertebrae will be increased which will minimise pressure on discs and nerves.  There is no question that Pilates will prevent back problems or teach you to manage them. (However, if in an acute phase of back pain or under a therapist, you must complete treatment with them first and have had your back pain properly checked out before attending a class, to ensure there is nothing major going on with the spine, which may be contraindicated for practice). You will build core and back strength to help support the spine and maintain good posture. All muscles are worked on so that the whole body can work together rather than one area becoming overloaded. BOOKING: If first time attending - Please fill in online fitness form (all boxes need filling before it will submit and green tick will appear when it has successfully sent) and wait for response to book in.

Cancellation Notice

Cancellation Notice / Reschedule is up to 2 hours before class on the system. After that, you will be charged. Please cancel on the website by logging in/registering (menu top right above vernette banner) and going to 'my bookings' to cancel or reschedule the class you're booked for.

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