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Hatha Flow Yoga in Weybridge

A Medium paced / strength hatha yoga flow class

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 12 British pounds
  • Weybridge (email me for venue details)


In-Person class in Weybridge. 7-8.35pm Monday - pre book only via PAYG or class pass. I will email the venue details when booked. Nourish the nervous system, strengthen, lengthen, breath and relax. Class pace / level = Suitable for anyone that comes to other Vernyoga classes or those who are beginners that can move up/ down from the floor with relative ease. May not be suitable for those with some health issues – please do enquire if unsure and I will be able to offer more advice. Level may change a bit each week due to collective ability of all those attending, but generally It is a medium paced / strength hatha flow class with some longer holds, that works on elements from Classic Hatha, Core Strength Vinyasa, Sun Power Yoga with Pilates core inspirations. Hatha refers to ALL physical yoga. However, it usually means a gentle yoga class of long held individual stretches, postures and breath techniques. It still be challenging to some. Hatha Flow Yoga - This combines some long held positions for stamina of hatha yoga, as well as flowing, more dynamic movements synchronised with the breath, known as vinyasa or flow yoga. Class Includes breathwork, floorwork, kneeling, flowing standing sequences, balances, sitting postures, laying postures and relaxation, so if you have any trouble with being on the floor or kneeling, contact me first, so I can offer some options to work around that for you. ----- BOOKING: If first time attending - Please fill in online fitness form (all boxes need filling before it will submit and green tick will appear when it has successfully sent) and wait for response before booking. Booking closes an hour before class. Cancellations 2 hours before class - 2 reschedules allowed on a single class purchase. VENUE AND SAFETY DETAILS: *There is parking inside and outside the grounds. *Layer your clothing (thick or fleece lined leggings, tops etc...) as it can be a wee bit chilly in autumn/winter (like any hall), bring a blanket *Sometimes cone markers will be on the floor if its a busy class to ensure you all have space on arrival. *Bring your own yoga proper sticky mat (not a squishy pilates one as it will slide), block and strap. Can be borrowed if it's your first class or mats can bought from me (£18) but must be requested beforehand. * Entry is from 6.45pm onwards. Doors will be closed once class has started for safety of belongings and to avoid interuptions, so please ensure you're not late.

Cancellation Notice

Cancellation Notice / Reschedule is up to 2 hours before class on the system. After that, you will be charged. Please cancel on the website by logging in/registering (menu top right above vernette banner) and going to 'my bookings' to cancel or reschedule the class you're booked for.

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