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Ancient practices for a modern world


I've called these pages the Earth Wisdom pages at present simply because, I'm still learning about different ancient nature-based traditions that all have a common themes. Iron Age Celts and Druids of Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, Scotland (as well as Europe), Norse, Anglo-Saxon...... (and i'm sure more will be added to that)

Recently, I have been tracing my roots through my family tree and DNA. I started it many years ago and thought I had hit a brick wall but my interest got sparked again. This has also lead me to become quite obsessed with everything to do with these traditions, their mythology, celebrating the natural world and it's seasons.

This has started to inspire my yoga and meditation practice and theming classes around the seasons and nature.


So I thought, on this webpage I'd to share a little of my love of these things in the hope it may inspire you too and motivate your own practice or just to help you be in tune with and appreciate nature a bit more. Each link will gove you more information and inspiration for incorporating these elements in to your yoga practice.

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