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a way for us for us be inspired or guided


Whether you believe that divination is asking spirits or the divine for guidance, that it just points to a deeper intuition within us or something else,  I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Sometimes we have questions or a longing and not always knowing quite what that is. Sometimes we know the answer but resist it.


This is where divination can help. It can offer guidance, inspiration and perspective on our lived experience.

I use the cards mostly as a daily affirmation, part of my meditation practice or for just a little inspiration and often find the messages really accurate to how I am feeling.


I have had Tarot and Oracle cards since I was 16, drawn to the art on them and have always been quite sensitive, as well as having many unusual experiences I cant explain, whether that's with energy via reiki or sensing / seeing a presence.


I've always had phases where I am, one minute drawn to anything spiritual and then swing to the opposite of being very scientific. Lets just say, I am open to it all....

I have only ever drawn cards or read cards for family and friends but felt the time was right to offer it out.

If you would like a reading either online or in person, or even for just a card to be drawn for you to see what comes up, get in touch!

I mostly work with Celtic Inspired  / Themed Oracle cards as they are what inspire me most, but I also use Runes and Tarot.


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